Im looking for an acoustic electric amp for my alvarez ad 60sc and a loop station as well... does anyone have any suggestions. i cant go above 500 dollars for the amp.
i have a fender hot rod deluxe im looking to sell ill give it to u for 450. i bought it about two years ago for 700 at my local music shop. its in perfect condition. and we can do the transaction through ebay if ur interested. click the links for some pics

The Genz Benz SHENANDOAH series are incredible acoustic amps. I've tried a couple of the models, and I've been greatly impressed with them. It's $50 more than your $500 limit, but well worth it IMO...

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thanks... the amp that your selling, i dont think i can take you up on the offer... i am waiting until at least mid july to buy anything, thanks though.