Which is better for HOME USE ( I will never go on stage)?

1/ Boss GT-8

2/ Digitech GNX-4

3/ Line 6 Pod Xt Live

4/ An anolog pedal setup ( I only have 400 $ so it wont be a really good and effective pedal setup)

Which is better? Your thoughts are important for me...
I play metal and hardrock..
nothing beats the real stomp box models for effects, espicially if ur playing through an amp. all three effects processor are about the same when it come to the effects. they arent as good as the real effects because they are digital but they r good. it sounds like crap through an amp no matter which one u get. it sounds decent through a PA system. what they r really useful for is recording. the boss u cant record with unless u have ur own mixer and u cant hook it up to ur computer.so i would advice against that one. the line 6 model is good but i was dissapointed in the recording softwear and some of the effects, the gnx 4 has a built in digital 8 track recorder and drum machinei have this its prettry sweet. but again it sounds like crap through an amp. so i use it live with a PA.
I dont have the money to buy a PA systemmm :S:S
Just please help me with the choice----> Processer or anolog setup
Remember for home use for metal and hard rock..
If you wanna go for a pedal, try a Boss SD-1, I may be getting one. However if you do want to experiment with effects, recording software can do that - look at Cakewalk.
Do you know what kinds of sounds you want to get? If you're only looking for a clean and a dirty tone, buying a processor will give you a ton of extra capabilities that you probably will never use. If you want to use a lot of effects, you won't be able to get any quality of effects that will cover everything you want on your budget. The decision in either case should be fairly obvious. As for which processor you should choose if you go that route, I don't really think you can go wrong with any of your options because they all do a good job of modelling amps and producing effects. My personal choice would be the Digitech just for the drum machine and looping capabilities.

FWIW, I started playing with a crap Squier Strat starter kit, and the first purchase I made to upgrade my equipment was a processor, a Digitech GNX2. A number of my friends who watched me at a little show commented that my tone sounded much like the artists I was covering. I know they're not tone freaks, but that's still a huge compliment in my book. I've stripped down to a simpler setup now that I have a quality tube amp and guitar, but I still use the processor occasionally for quiet practice time at night.

Good luck and happy playing.