Anyone ever hear of a Lotus guitar?It says "custom" on the plate over the truss rod.Its a Les Paul copy.The guy who lives across the alley from me had it up in his attic.It has two humbuckers the one in the neck is a regular humbucker and the one in the bridge has two strips of metal instead of six individual magnets.Both pickups are in bad shape, the neck one is sunk in and the bridge one has chunks taken out of it so the coils are exposed.
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probably an old piece of crap
but it may work, you never know
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I'd try to get ahold of it, if only for the fact that if it's a piece of **** you can smash it up at a gig. And if it's good, then you've got a cool old guitar, which is always good.
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^i hope there not i passed up a 140 lotus copy it was kinda shtity tho...
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I don't have pics but its white w/white pickguard.He said he wanted to know if I could fix it up.If not he said he was going to throw it away.I was gonna ask him for it and put new pickups in it and new pots and everything else fixed on it.