Alrighty so for the past couple weeks i've been jamming with these other 2 guys and it has been going alright.(For just jamming) My bestfriend who is the drummer and a kid that he grew up with who plays guitar.

Me and the drummer have been talking and decided to start a band. But heres our problem,... we want this other kid in the band but he is just really bad at playing the kind of music we like.

Basically, he cannot play power chords and the standard stuff used in rock music.(palm muting, etc) He knows a few regular chords and plays some cool blues licks, but thats where his playing ability stops. He is really soft spoken and its just been frustrating.

I asked him if he really even wanted to play the kind of music me and the drummer want and he said he did. He's been showing up with his gear to my house and really acts like he wants to play so im just "meh" about the whole situation.

I wish I could just force him into playing bass but this kid has an amazing Gibson 2x10 tube amp from like 30 years ago, a BRAND NEW Gibson Les Paul Custom(Paid over $2,000 for it), and an amazing Gibson SG from way back in the day. His gear just puts my piece of **** Schecter C1 to shame.

So do you guys think I should just work with him for a couple months and get him into playing our kind of music or just tell him he cant be in the band?

The thing with this situation is i'm not the best guitarist in the world... i'm creative and come up with some cool sh*t but I do not know a lick of music theory and cant play anything mind blowing. Probably just a decent rhythm guitarist at best.

Should I brush up my skills and keep this guy around or just get rid of him and find a guitarist who would play lead?


(Sorry for the long rant. :\ )
well rok with him and see if he is dedicated to it

i mean im dedicated and am willing to learn

so if hes seriously trying and giving his heart to the band,
give a chance

EDIT: you can also brush up on lead, because really, you dont have to have hte best guitarist
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He's just trying to protect our innocence.

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force him to bass so you can use his equipment
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force him to bass so you can use his equipment

but who knws he will let him use it
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He's just trying to protect our innocence.

Yes i am
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Your flirting powers are incredible.

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personally, i would always be willing to work with someone if they were putting their heart in to it.

if he's dedicated and you are friends with him, give him a chance and try to show him some stuff. after a while if you think he's holding you back then you'll probably need to move on, but i would still give him a chance at getting it down.
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work with him for a bit...

if you tell him about the whole situation, getting him on bass and then going over and over a certain song till he pukes will be good. pretty much for everybody thta is good haha, but I would tell im to get on the bass for a bit first then once he's gotten the basics of the bass parts down then he can go on to guitar, or you can just rake him over the coals with the guitar right off the bat. Gte him playing rythim and you can work on your chops for a bit, if your good enough at rythim b/c thats almost just as hard as leads.
depends on the bloke.
if his dedicated then roll with it, if his not, his not worthy of his gear so tell him to piss off, move to sydney australia then jam with me :-)
Try to work with him and if that doesnt work confront him about it...
note: noobs with expensive gear suck. buy your expensive gear when you've been playing long enough to actually appreciate the differences between different kinds, and maybe *gasp* not get the most cliche gear combo ever, a les paul and a marshall, because maybe your style will end up better suited to other types of instruments... the style you should be developing before you buy new instruments, that is...
the cool thing about noobs with expensive gear...
is that they see some great guitar player plays the guitar... and they run to their mother
that they want a guitar... so their mother is like "sure honey, whatever you want, just like me"
and she buys him that..
and then the kid see's a great drummer.... and asks his mother for a drum set..
which god forbid, she can't say no.
so you buy his gear for nothing.

but if he's dedicated he'll grow... try working with him...
ya if he is dedicated and a friend i say keep him around how hard is it to teach him palm muting and power chords if he has played for more than a couple weeks he can pick that stuff up super quick
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Have him play lead, and you play rythym. Then find a bass player. Some people are great at lead, and suck at rythym. I'm sort of the opposite, and it seems like you're about the same. If he can play good blues licks he might be a decent lead player. What kind of music do you want to play anyway?
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how can he not play power chords? they are the easiest chords! just get him into power chords alot.. just work and work and work on them and hell be fine.... i mean he doesnt even have to do the 2 finger method. tell him he has the power.... thats why he needs to learn the chords that suit his powerful nature..
Either force him to play bass, or dump him.
I guarantee you he knows he isn't very good, and if you just tell him it directly, he'll admit it and do whatever you want either by switching to bass or leaving the band.
It won't feel good to you or him, but you're going to have to do it.

And yeah, as STPGuitar311 said, BTW, what kind of music are you trying to play. You could just be playing a style he isn't any good at.

EDIT: I just looked again, and you are a 3 person group. Are you leaving enough space for him when you play? It is really easy to not leave any space for another player when you are in small group.
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I seriously think you should work with the guy and give him a chance. If he knows blues licks, then that means he could probably come up with a pretty awesome solo using the E Blues Scale. Also, you can always brush up your skills. Being good at rhythm is great, but try to learn some lead so you can bring out the ultimate facemelter's onstage. Blues licks are the perfect thing to try and start soloing with, so ask the guy to teach you some techniques and go from there. Look online for scales and other things for lead.