I cant decide what pedal to get..

1. Ibanez DE-7 Delay/Echo

2. Digitech Synth Wah

3. Digitech RP80

Im buying them from ebay and the cheapest one is ibanez.. I have 85 canadian dollars to spend and the synth wah and rp80 is about the same.

Im in a heavy band so i dont think ill use the synth wah to much lol, i just really like it and wanted for a couple of years now..

I herd the RP80 isnt very good when it comes to studio and band stuff. So im leaning towards the cheapest of the 3, the ibanez DE-7.. I really like that peadal to.

Does any one have suggestions?
Well, I have the RP 200 which is the bigger brother to the RP 80 and it's a good pedal but not really studio worthy in my opinion. Start a collection of stomp boxes. Digitech stomp boxes suck the juice out of a battery pretty fast so if you get the Synth wah buy a power supply. I havent tried the Ibanez, nor have I heard much about it but it seems like the best bet.
Coming from a person who has never played any of those three pedals, I have the best experience with Ibanez pedals, especially with them being so cheap. Go for it
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