Ive been playing alot of Trivium lately and I love the style and speed to most of their songs (i.e. Ascendancy) but most of the leads are just TOO HARD!! (for me at least)
I was wondering if anyone knew some songs like, Ascendancy, that aren't so difficult
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im in the same spot. try some 80's metal. def leppard, poison, motley crue, etc.
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i've tried
most of it just bores me
no offense to them. they're great bands
it just doesn't interest me and i have a small attention span so if it bores me i dont listen to it
Epi LP--->Digitech RP3--->Crate GT-200
i know where ur comming from, i am in this stage as well, and i have found that avenged sevenfold is pretty good (unholy confessions, cptr4) and such but try a gunshot to the head of trepedation, or pull ahrder on teh string of your martyr if u want to stick with trivium, or also try some megadeth songs, or some metallica. if you want more suggestions jsut pm me and i will try to think up more songs that i learned that you probably could learn.