no further explanation needed...criticism always welcome

i stepped outside and tuned out of the rain
out of the clouds the bellowing came
louder and louder the darkness thrashed
it's electric fingers out they lashed

the mirrored ocean hung in the sky
so it perspires from so up high
are these messages, a language foreign?
donating an elixer for all human sin?

meaning or not i feel blessed
gift from the gods, a treasure chest
full of power and indigo light
revere forever this wonderful night
This was a really awesome way to describe a storm...or thats what i think youre describing. The lines "louder and louder the darkness thrashed, it's electric fingers out they lashed" are really awesome. I especially liked the personification of the lightning...i think it shows brutality and awesomeness all at once. yay!
so it perspires from so up high

That is the one line I feel doesn't fit in. The rest truly describes everything you wanted to, well done. My link is in my sig if you'd like.