Hey. Well i just recently had a pickup put into my acoustic guitar. I was wondering if i could plug it into a regular guitar amp and it won't give me any problems such as making unwanted noise and stuff??? I was told that it would sound nice plugged into a keyboard amp but that amp is really bad and it was giving me noise that was just annoying while i played. I might just have a bad string on my guitar if that is what is giving me a bad vibration too. Someone PLEASE help me out. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanx.


^-- well you can play an acoustic-electric, an acoustic with a soundhole pickup, or a miked up acoustic through any amp and it shouldn't sound BAD... but it's not going to sound much like an acoustic unless you have an acoustic amp generally. i think the noise you're referring to about your strings vibrating is feedback. it's probably not any problems with any of your strings. you're probably standing too close to the amp, have it turned up too loud, or (which i already know is true) you're playing through an electric guitar amp. get you an acoustic amp and a soundhole cover and you'll be set.... till then just keep the volume at a decent level, don't stand too close to the amp while facing it, and play with your eq to try and dampen the feedback. in my experience, turning the bass response down on the eq can help with feedback in a tough situation.
To add to what jimtaka said, I would say that micing a guitar into the PA is ALWAYS better then playing the guitar into an electric guitar amp. So if thats possible, its probably the best solution until you can get an acoustic amp.

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