ok, im looking at guitars...im going to buy one...but i need to kno what the difference is between a cutaway acoustic and just a regular acoustic guitar.
a cutaway has the body cut out under the fret board, allowing you to reach the higher frets like on an electric. I couldn't tell you if there's a difference in sound quality, as i have never owned a cutaway acoustic.
thanks a lot...that helps. I would assume it would affect the sound but i cant say for sure either.
where's Mt Pleasant? im from a little outside of Pittsburgh and the name sounds familiar
its about 40 minutes outside of Pittsburgh...in westmoreland county. Its sorta south east of the burgh. where are you located?
about 45 minutes north east, butler county. haha we're about the same distance away in almost opposite directions.
haha...thats pretty funny. but yea, i think there are a few other people on here from around Pittsburgh...could be wrong though cause i dont even kno who they are.
I believe a regular acoustic, something like a dreadnought shape, has a better overall tone than a cutaway guitar.
The difference in tone is minimal, though I wouldn't go sofar as to say that it's unnoticable. There IS still a chunk of space missing (as awkward as that sounds). I've played cutaway guitars that sounds just as brilliant as a fullbodied dreadnought; it really depends on a lot of factors.

However, like was already stated, the main purpose of the cutaway on any acoustic guitar is to allow for greater access at the higher frets.
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I'm guessing that the more money you spend, the less noticable that it would be. I'd say under $250-300 range you might be able to tell the difference.
^--- in that price range i would agree, i'd say that you could tell the difference 99% of the time on any guitar under $500 american.
Dont get a cutaway just get a regular acoustic and buy a really good soundhole pickup. It is better tone wise to do that. i have a 200$ alvarez and a 120 acoustic pickup and it sounds better then the 700$ cutaways.
like someone already mentioned, it only makes sense that a cutaway would have some kind of effect on your tone, but I seriously doubt it's anything you'd notice. Also remember that a guitar with a cutaway is going to cost you more than a guitar without one.
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Quote by Kollarism
I believe a regular acoustic, something like a dreadnought shape, has a better overall tone than a cutaway guitar.

I agree. I think a jumbo sized guitar with cutaway would have a good tone despite the cutaway.
Well it depends if you are really going to play higher notes on the acoustic. It would be pointless if your just going to strum some chords. But I don't know how you'll be wanting to play.