This is my first recording in awhile...i got away from it for a month or so...but now i'm back on track...my favorite part of this new track is the reverse solo at the end...let me know what you think about the song...find it here
listening while typing...

intro has that volta feel to it with the "wetness". Ambient effects in the back are hot. the effect that kicks in at the 50 second mark starts off somewhat odd, but then rides out smooth. Perhaps you should go in and out if you can toggle that effect with some hard gain, as you do in 1:23. (was this played in Am?). The progression seems to remain the same throughout, which could use some change in dynamics. Whoa 2:02 has this robert fripp feal to it, thats hot man. You obviously know your roots. This is cool stuff, im hoping music like this can make a comeback, this is how music used to be. **** nowadays is all pop 1-4-5 progressions and quick buck bull****. You put great efforts into this.

im into the same stuff. give me a hear, this is a concept idea i put together, heavily based on omar a.'s work in his solo albums where he just rips it up.


oh yea, put you on my b.l, cant find enough people into this kind of music here. Acoustic rock/folk seems to be the norm.
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Just listened to Mrah, and some other works. Youre pretty good man, how long have you been playing and how old?

the ideas are tight, be great if you were in miami
It's very good. I like how you used different effects to make it original.

Props man!
Thanks for the comments, guys...I'm 19 years old and have been playing for a little over 4 years...and yeah, that one's in Am...I really spiced it up with the stutter wah effect (thought that was pretty cool) and the reverse solo at the end of the song (i love reversing solos like John Frusciante did quite a bit on Niandra LaDes)...Anyone else giving this a listen? let me know what you think...