What should i clean it wih. One day i used a lysol wipe and my mom said it might damage the guitar because it has alcohal in it so any ides?
I just wipe it with one of those eyeglass cloths, works pretty well

I know they sell cleaning stuff at GC but I don't know what's in them
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well to clean the body just whip it with a cloth with warm water on it (moist cloth). if you what to fix up the wood in the neck, put oil liek furniture oil on it. I would stick to a moist cloth with really warm water in it, It seriously works wonders. make sure is MOIST squeeze out all the water until it just a bit damp. and than whip down your guitar. Im not sure is alchohol would be bad for you guitar but I would avoid it fo sure.
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use lemon oil on all nonw finshed wood and just use a cloth on the rest
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I use one of those 'static' dusters, you know those fluffy, colorful thingies - if you do it often enough (I usually wipe my guitar every time before and after playing) it's enough to keep it pretty clean. And also once or twice a month I take strings/bridge/everything else down and wipe it all carefully with a slightly moist (not wet, just moist) cloth. I also use lemon oil for the neck every now and then - just make sure you don't overdo it if you're gonna do that as well.
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Non abrasive cloth for the body and back of neck, don't wet it. For the fretboard, non abravive cloth with some bore oil if its a rosewood/ebony fretboard. Non abrasive cloth and lighter fluid for a maple fretboard.
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take it to a guitar repair place and have it done profesionally,before you do somthing stupid like pour flamable liquid on your guitar.its not that expensive and they will probably dial in the rest of your guitar while its there.(intonation and such).