there's a band of adrian smith(of iron maiden) named
Psycho Hotel Or Psycho Motel he told bout it in an guitar.com clip .. but i neva found any of its tracks..nor it's website ...can anybody help me with it ..
i specially need these tracks..
Last Chain
Welcome to the World
Wicker Man
Psycho motel- and you can get the first two on their welcome to the world ALBUM from amazon or something. Wicker man, is either that Maiden song which he showed part of the guitar solo in an interview I seen, or its the Bruce Dickinson solo song whech I think he also played on- I think its only on their best of bonus cd. They're all awesome though

"Intense yet intricate" Scottish melodeath band, who have been reviewed live by Terrorizer, Metalgigs and Valkyrian Music in the past year

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