someone came into my work a while ago with a guitar with no bridge and broken machine heads. to make a long story short i bought it for $10. it says mansfield on the headstock and model no. 699 in the soundhole. its got curly maple sides and back.it appears to be very old. i put a bridge on and new machine heads, its sounds pretty good but i think im deafened by the $10 i spent on it. it look snice, can sombody tell me what theese guitars are worth and if i am playing some kind of rare guitar or a sears guitar?
10 bucks? great deal

Mansfield made lawsuit copies of gibson guitars back in the 70's, which were made in Japan, and often were pretty much the same as a real gibson.

I think you have Mansfield 693 Dove Copy

but as for the price, i dont know know how much its worth, but 70's lawsuit guitars go for a far bit on ebay.
sounds like you got a mansfield dove copy. These are normally in the price range of about $400-600, and go on ebay for around $350.
Sounds like you a got a great deal there, you got it for 10 bucks, and its worth 400 dollars!!!

are you going to tell your co-worker this?
maybe ill post some pics cause it doesent look like a dove copy. but i dont know much about acoustics. all me coworkers know haha. the guy was trying to sell it for 20 and im like... i got 10 its a decent sounding guitar