Hi guys

I was just wondering, when some guitarists play solos they pick the note right up the fretboard next to their fretting finger, and I was just wondering why? Is there any special reason for it?

they arent actually picking! They are tapping the note they hit with the picking hand to make it sound like a hammer-on and pull-off. This was first used (on a grand scale (brian may (eeewwww) and billy gibbons had done it)by eddie van halen). i think pick n grin did a vid on it
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Hi mate!

Thanks for the reply

The thing is, I know about the tapping technique used by EVH etc, but what I've seen is definitely the guitarist picking the string right up the fretboard near their fretting finger (I think Jack Black mimes the action in School of Rock when he plays an air guitar thing) and i have no idea why!

thanks for the reply again though
I saw a Satriani lesson video...He didn't really explain it, more mentioned it in passing, and just said it produces a different sound. Also, there are harmonics past the fretboard, often just in front of the neck pickup, so you can pinch on those, could be that.
Guitarists usually pick close to the neck when they want a warmer sound - the closer to the bridge, the less warm it sounds.

Another reason might be that they're just getting their fingers in position to do an imminent tapping lick or a sweep tap.
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Yea what people above said... It's either used to make switching between tapping/picking easier/faster when needed, or to get a more 'rounded off' sound, the notes are going to sound less 'sharp' than notes picked by the bridge. Experiment with it, you'll see what we're talking about :p
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