I'm looking for players of this guitar. I am really interested in getting it and I'd like to know what the actual players of this guitar think. If I got it I'd have cream pick-up rings and new pick-ups; DiMarzio Tone Zone / Air Norton combo.

So please gimme some info and pros and cons on this guitar.


I personally really like the guitar, its got the comfort of a strat with the sound of a les paul. Its quite light as the body is quite thin and is carved in the back. The acoustic tone is nice and bright so im guessing it'll sound really good with a nice set of pickups in it. Try it out for yourself and see if its to your liking is your best bet, but i personally would recommend it.

What style of music do you play and what guitar have you currently got?
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Hey thanks for the reply!

A quick question; does the front of the body of it have like a nice curved top, or is it flat like other SE models?
It's sort of a carved top. It's sort of flat in the middle and thern curves towards the edges. It certainly isn't as flat as the santana se and standard se, which attracted me to the tremonti in the first place. I have to admit the picture that prs provide doesn't do the guitar justice at all, it looks far nicer than that in real life.
it should be a great guitar to have. although if it was me id drop in the tremonti pups but thats just me being greedy again.
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