Ok....no emo-bashing here.
I'm just curious to know what really IS emo? Everyone bashes it, most without even knowing what it is, and the genre has kinda distorted it's original meaning. So wat IS emo?
Mods, pls watch over to see if anyone just starts the "emo is crap" comments...
Emo is a style, it is also a way of life.
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Well it started off as guys that wanted to show they were really emotional, as its the stereotype that girls are the only ones who are emotional. They played music to kind of help them through their depression and sorrows.

But now its more or less a big fad and a fashion statement.
"Emo" which is short for emotional is a genre of music that's been made into a fashion and "a way of life". Stereotypically these "emo kids" cry alot, cut themselves, have dyed black hair with the fringe covering one eye and they were tight jeans.

Although if you really think about it, if emo is short for emotional, then everyone is emo because we all have and show emotions.

But really it's just a fad now, in some circles it's cool to be an "emo" and in others it's an insult to be called "emo"..people usually use the "emo" insult for things they take a distaste to but often they have no idea what the hell it means.
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