I don't know why the hell my guitar keeps going out of tune every five minutes, it can't be the strings(d'addario), since i just replaced them two days ago. This problem is constantly bringing my mood down and then i don't feel like playing the guitar.

Does anybody what the problem is ???
2 day old strings might not be settled in yet, try stretching them a bit then tuning them and repeat til you have stability.
If you have a floating bridge (tremelo) it may well be stuffed! I asked my bro to my guitar in it's hardcase once for me and he did it with the trem arm still in.... the guitar wouldn't hold tuning for 30 seconds! Arsehole cost me £60 to get it repaired and even that was a botched job!
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if its a floating trem, open the back and add more springs to increase tension
stretch the strings as far as you can. don't be scared. and make sure that they are wound on far enough at the head.
Which strings go out of tune? All of them? How big is the gap at the back of the bridge, of there is one? Do you use the whammy bar a lot?
to me it doesnt even look like a floating trem. just a strat style hard tail like on an Ibanez RG321. but that wouldnt explain the whammy bar. either do what everyone else said about stretching the strings and letting them settle or just take it to a shop and have the tech look at it.
Alright I'll try streching them but the strings might snap at standard tunning, what tunning should i use to strech them to the fullist with snaping the strings.
they wont snap, trust me. i stretch out my strings all the time when im putting new ones on. all that itll do is make the string a little lose and you just tune up.
It wont snap if you bend them nicely even at standard tuning. Dont go pulling every string too much, just do couple of bends on the 12th fret, to be easy. Go about whole note or half. You can even "choke" the bends and go whole+half and it still wouldnt snap. Unless its some crappy string, my d'addarios stays just fine even after i choke it to whole+half step further.

Also, could you try checking the wound that you made at the tuning post, coz it may be messy and buldging out. Check for loose bolts at the neck pocket area, make sure its not loose. If it still doesnt hold tuning, then probably your bridge is a semi-floyd rose floating type similar to Ibanez FAT10, SAT10 bridge and requires you to parallel the bridge to the body by adjusting the spring to equalize string tension vs. spring tension.
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nah im joking!! make sure you stretch them and let them settle in

Right after you put strings on you should stretch and retune them until they don't go out of tune. I stretch my strings by putting my thumb underneath them, pulling up slightly, and then pushing down a couple inches up from my thumb on the string. I slide that all the way up the fretboard. I can usually stretch in a wound string after about 3 times of doing that. I don't do that, though, for the high E and B strings. I just stretch and tune everything else, and then do a lot of crazy bends on those strings.
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