so this guy at school came up to me and said he has an amp for sell
thats the amp:
star fire-mega10
the back says its 40W but the speaker says 20W (dunno what this means...on the one that i have now it says like 3 different values)
the amp is 4 years old and is first hand (he baought it originally from the shop)
and he wants $100 for it

what do you think?
doesn't matter the amp i have now...just wanna know if its a good deal
its probably just a practice amp. meaning its not worth paying $100 for. when i was selling m cheap practice amp, i sold it for $20. that kinda tells you something dont it?y
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A practice amp is an amp that's not loud enough for gigging, and is better suited for situations where you need a quieter amp (your bedroom/apt for example).

It's basically an amp that you use for practice.
well this is kind of what im doing...
im not performing or anything...
im just playing in my bed room
so now that you know this IS what im doing....does it change your position about this amp?
Still no, 100 is alot for something that'll probally be poor quality and bad sounding
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