Right now I am playing a Fender Mexican Strat with a Seymore Duncan Hotrail in the bridge position. I'm probably upgrading my guitar soon, but I'm not really sure what to get yet. I've gone to Guitar Center a bunch this week and I really like their Ibanez RG5EX (Guitar Center exclusive) but I heard the pickups weren't that great (I haven't tried it with my set up). The pickups are the new Infinity 3s, and it is humbucker single humbucker. I was thinking about getting the guitar and replacing all the pickups, any recommendations? or, any recommendations for a different guitar?
Don't get that Ibanez. It's pretty much just a starter guitar. If you're looking for something new, you'd be much better off upgrading to something significantly better.
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like what? i was kinda leaning toward Ibanez cuz i play a lot of Satriani, Vai, and Petrucci stuff
price range isn't really an issue right now. if the 1570 has nice enough pickups where i don't need to replace them, than that sounds good, i'd need to find somewhere to play one though...
ya, i just looked up the RG1570, and i would have to try it, but it doesn't seem a lot different than the RG5EX. i also found a link to the page in the magazine with the RG5EX on there:


its at the top, the one shown in the large picture is the RG4EX, but the 5 is in the upper right, theres really no difference exept for color and headstock
ok, thanks, i'll definitly check that out. but either way i'm probably replacing the pickups, and they both have the same configuration (H-S-H). i play some metal like Iron Maiden, a lot of instrumental like Satriani, Vai, and some stuff i've composed myself, and i also play a little blues, but i don't need a pickup that will give me a blues sound because i could just switch to my strat for that. any pickup recommendations (probably replacing all of them)?