I have decided to take up the acoustic guitar, just as a hobby, but don't know exactly what to look for. My main concern is my size. I'm 21, but just under 5'0 tall. I'm quite petite and my hands are very small too. Should I consider a smaller guitar? I don't know where else to go besides a guitar shop for advice - and I don't want to go in there looking like a complete idiot! Thanks for ANY help!!! *Kerri*
Whoa man, I'm taller than you and im only 14. I think you should get a smaller guitar but I dont think they would be of good quality.
You'll get better advice if you post this in the acoustic forum: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=27

Don't be intimidated by guitar shops though. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to discuss it with you. Probably the best way to decide would be to go to a store and try some guitars, to get a feel for them, or if you have any friends who play ask if you can try their guitar. To be honest I would've thought you'd be OK with a full size guitar, but as I say you'll get better advice from the acoustic forum and the employees at your local guitar store.
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nah i would go for a full size guitar, at least then your hands will adjust to the slightly bigger neck on a full size rather than a 3/4 size for example......if in the future you intend to keep it up, its going to be hard to find to find a decent guitar with the same neck
yeah i wud say a normal size one
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yeh get a normal size one. cuz i got one wen i ws ur height and obviuosly it was quite ahrd to play at first but i managed to get ova it.a nd it will just mean that you cna have a larger range of guitars and will enjoy it much more i imagine.
I'd say that you should go for a smaller guitar. I know a few women who play guitar, and I'm pretty sure that they use what's called a parlour guitar. Maybe that's just another name for a 3/4 guitar, or maybe it's smaller. For an acoustic guitar, I like one of those big juggernauts, but after all, I'm like 14'' taller than you, and probably about 90lb heavier.
Sorry for double posting, but to the person who posted above my original post, I think that the size of the body would make it awkward for her to get her arm around it, and after all, if she's 21, she's not growing any more.
well what u can do it go for a slimline acoustic/electric guitar.

the bodies are half the size, the volume comes from plugging in.

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slimline acoustic/electric guitar

You can them for relatively cheap, too.