Any comment is welcome!
I uploaded it(and all of my other creations) to dMusic, because that way it'll be more easy to acces to everybody!
oh and give me a link and i'll be glad to give you some crit to
Sounds like you recorded it at a little too much volume, because when you start playing the chords the sound is a little distorted ( I don't mean metal distortion here of course).
But as for the music itself: you have a nice melody line there, and the way it alternated between the section with the chords sounds pretty good.
Are you planning to make a full-length song out of this? Would be nice, because it's a cool sounding melody

If you have time: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=370766

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Spannious And The Homos has a nice ring to it.
or try the band name generator.

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yeah bring down the volume and you'll be good

sweet melody line

like it alot

hit me back w/ a crit
Thanks for Critiquing mine,

I like this. Its got a nice feel. Some timing is off, and some off notes, but but the melody is nice. It's got a kind of earthy feel to it with the clean riff and then when the second part of the chorus. I like the feel. This should evolve nicely.
auuurrrghhh!!! limit it! compress it!!

haha I like what you're doing with the music but, as others mentioned, it gets way too loud when it gets to the strumming part. but you should definitely work it into a song
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