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Any Joy Division fans on UG?
IMO there one of the best british bands of all time!
im gonna burn in rock hell for saying this, but i dont really like them. i find them very dry. i like a couple songs, but when i put on unknown pleasures i just get bored.

i prefer new order. anyone like them ?
I actually can't stand New Order. I like Joy Division, though. I need to write myself a note or something as a reminder to get Closer.
I'm ashamed of myself that I haven't bothered to listen to more than 6 songs from them.
I like them, but Closer is one of the most overrated albums of all time.
I love Joy Division and New Order.

Though they're nowhere near as good without Ian.
you tell me who's better. i think good charlote are better than the bealtes but that's only because their lyrics mean more and they are better musicians.

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I actually can't stand New Order. I like Joy Division, though.

Yeah, same, there's something about New Order that I can't stomach, I don't even know what it is.

I need to look into more Joy Division though, I only have a few songs.
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i prefer new order.

Me too. That's not to say that I hate Joy Division, I just prefer a larger amount of New Order's material (apart from when they play live, I've not seen one performance where they've come off well).
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Aren't Joy Division one of those bands where a thread saying how great they are is unnecessary? Surely their brilliance is obvious to anyone with ears.
Meh, they're okay but I always thought theyre kinda boring.

for once, i agree with publicwitness ahaha
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What album should I get first, people?

they have only released 2 studio albums, 'unknown pleasures' and 'closer'. 'closer' is the last album before Ian hung himself (RIP), therefore it is much more grittier and dark. 'unknown pleasures', while not as dark, is still a brilliant album, def in my top 10, its got some of the best production ive ever heard.

so i wud go with UP as an intro, and then get closer
I love em. Dead Souls is one of my favorite songs at the moment.
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Joy Division are great. I've only got Closer and a couple of MP3s, and there are some weak tracks amongst them, but Love Will Tear Us Apart is like one of my top 10 favourite songs ever. The horns in the middle just give it something beautiful. Something Must Break and These Days are excellent as well.
Unknown Pleasures is all I've heard and own and it's a masterpiece.
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I like them, but Closer is one of the most overrated albums of all time.

Yeah Closer has a lot of boring songs. However Atrocity Exhibition, Isolation, Heart and Soul and the closer (no pun intended) are all bangers.
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I like the stuff i've heard, should really buy an album though, suggestions very welcome.
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^ Nope.

If you ask me, if you're trying to get into Joy Division, get Substance first. It's got alot of the singles and b-sides collected; the albums aren't as catchy and will take you longer to get into... and alot of new fans don't want to listen to something like Unknown Pleasures 20 times before they really dig it.

and in case anybody didn't know, there should be an Ian Curtis biopic coming out next year... Anton Corbjin is directing.
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i was gonna start one a while ago, anyways i love joy division don't particuarally dig new order, but each to their own. very good stuff

yeah i got unknown pleasures, was very impressed, would definately recommend it, however some tracks aren't that good.
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Are all their songs as bland as Love Will Tear Us Apart?

Not really a fan.

lol, and now they're your number 2 on
Unknown Pleasures pwns. Need to get Closer though.
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lol, and now they're your number 2 on

give him a break...i recall one of my first threads that i ever posted in the alt/indie forum was saying that i didn't really like pavement and i thought they were largely ripping off dino jr

now pavement is 3rd on my lastfm

but on topic, i only have closer and i hardly listen to it, but when i do i enjoy it a lot
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Unknown Pleasures pwns. Need to get Closer though.

Closer > Unknown Pleasures, in my opinion. Unknown pleasures just felt a little too. . . bland.
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Closer is the Joy Division Masterpiece. It's like JUST before the original band would have turned into New Order
Joy division are one of my favourite bands ever Unknown Pleasures is absoloutley amazing in my opinion.

Love will tear us apart is deffinatley my favourite song.