I have absolutely no clue on what to do to change a guitar's color. I have an Epiphone G-400 in cherry red. I would like it to be blue. What should I do to change the colors? Do I sand off the red (I think this might hurt the sound of the guitar) or do i use a chemical remover? What are the best finishes? Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
You should sand it down. And as far as the best finishes, the easiest would be an automotive spray paint.
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Sand it down, chemical removers are messy and don't do as good of a job. Automotive sprays or some kind of nitrocellulose paint work the best and have the best sound.

Edit: You don't have to sand down to the wood, just scrape it up with some 60 grit paper , and repaint it.
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How can I remove all of the electronics to safely do this? Is there a web page to look at?
I'd like it to look like one of these
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Never done it with an SG, but the electronics should come out very simply and self-explanatorily.
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That's not helpful at all. Anyway. The knobs should pull right off. The pots have a nut that holds them in place. The 3 way switch comes out by loosening the nut that holds it in place. Pickups come out by taking off the plastic frames. Jack comes off by unscrewing the plate and loosening the nut that holds it in place. Nothing is difficult about it. You'll have to unsolder the ground wire, though, to take everything out completely.
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thanks all. Any advice for making the color change gradually like in the pictures?
buy an airbrush and practice making shape bursts?

Also, if the knobs don't pop right off, there might be a small screw you can loosen (although, generally epiphone uses the kind that do pop right off)