wat wud be the best strat to get for between about £100 to £250?
thanks in advance for ur help!
Ouch, pretty short budget there... Try some pawn shops or something.
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A cosmetically banged up used one. Just make sure the neck is straight and it still plays well. It's better than buying a bright and shiny new piece of crap.
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Hm...I think Washburn has some Strat-shaped guitars in that price range. My $150 WI14 has never let me down, I don't see why a cheaper guitar from the Washburn X series would be any different.

Edit: YES! Samicks! Great guitars and CHEAP!
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Definatly an ibanez rg series. I paid £180 for mine second hand and it plays almost as good as my £750 esp ltd ex400bd.
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i might be able to stretch the budget to about £300 if i can convince my dad
does that make a difference?
how much is that in US dollars? any idea? i havent kept up on my convertion rates lol