Hey I made this song in about two hours. I like it.

I wanted to see if there was any suggestions on how to make it better.

Any crits welcome!
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wow that was amazing

very good!!
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Dude, I really dug that acoustic guitar and the solo that starts about 2:00. Very kick ass.
It was good. A lot of places could have been sped up. I feel like there were too many eigth notes, and it became tedious after a while. It was just.. a little too slow. That aside, it was good. Hats off.

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The intro reminds me heavily of something I can't quite remember, and the whole song seems to have a borrowed feeling because of its obvious influences. The rhythm could be improved with a little more variation; straight eighths can get monotonous. Overall it's a nice composition, but influences from other songs are too recognisable.

I would appreciate it if you would comment on my latest compsition.
Intro guitar is awesome.
The lead lines seem really slow though, and boring.
Bass sounds awesome. I love it. Goes perfectly.

Ah. I like the faster leads. They sound good.

I bet this would also sound pretty good with distortion.
Or are you trying for an all clean song?

Either way.
Sounds good. Some of the lead was boring and slow.
Other than that, it was good.

Mind critting mine? It's only a work in progress. Wouldn't take long.
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That was really really good, I could never come up with anything like that... I love the rhythm and the solo-ish part was purdy purdy good too, good job.
Although it sounded good, it was a little boring and predictable. A good way to make even eighths a little more exciting is to mix up the note groupings. I noticed most of the notes were in groups of four. Try throwing some odd number groupings in there; they can sound really interesting in an even key signature.