this isn't a "help me pick one thread" but I want to see what you people think of some high end instruments in terms of workmanship, playability, and all around awesomeness......

The Contenders are:

PRS Custom 22
Gibson Custom Shop Slash Les Paul
Ernie Ball Steve Morse signature/ Regular Musicman
Floyd Rose Redmond K
Fender closet classic '56 stratocaster

which and why?
and lets say you have to pick any of them for classic rock.... like the Stones, Aerosmith etc....
For classic rock, I'd take either the vintage strat or the Slash Les Paul. Frankly, I don't like vintage guitars, or other people's signature models. If I got one from your list for christmas or something, I'd pick the PRS, or the Music Man. They (especially the PRS) are exceptionally well crafted, sound great and look generally awesome. For overall versatility, I'd pick the Slash guitar. It has versatile pickups and a fishman powerbridge for acoustic tone.
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Well, I cant choose really. When you get over about 1,500 dollars its all personal preference. These are all great guitars but Id take the PRS Custom if I had to choose. Why? Because of the Rep that PRS has and how much I love this particular model.
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound
I'd go for the PRS or Vintage Strat. The Gibson is way too overpriced and just isn't worth it, and I haven't heard of the other two, lol.

I've never heard a bad thing about PRS guitars though..
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slash. just coz teh man pwns at guitar, and makes the rest of us look like total noobs, so his guitar must be worth having
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PRS Custom 22 Great guitars, awesome necks, good sound, but I just don't like the looks.
Gibson Custom Shop Slash Les Paul With Gibson Custom, you can't go wrong. That said, you're paying like $500 extra for the Piezo system on this particular model, which IMO is a waste.
Ernie Ball Steve Morse signature/ Regular Musicman Never played one
Floyd Rose Redmond K I love the concept of the SpeedLoader, but it's too expensive. I'd rather get a BC Rich NJ Mockingbird with the Speedloader for about half the price.
Fender closet classic '56 stratocaster Sexy as hell, but I'd prefer a NOS to a Closet Classic, just because I'd rather ding it up myself. And I prefer the '66 and '69 models' sounds.

PRS McCarty > any Custom Model, THe customs find are highly over rated. PRS makes many many more and better models. The McCarty's are more expensive, but they are much better than the Custom 22's in almost every aspect.
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Really? The Fender catalog makes it sound like it's an almost-relic.

its not beat to hell like the relic..... nor does it feel broken in, it looks like someone stashed it in a closet for aout 45 years...... but it plays like a newer instrument, also the finish is thinner, andd with the wood able to breathe like that it sounds WAY better
Get the PRS Custom 22.... this guitar is so bad ass I went and bought 2 of them. I mean... my love for the PRS CU22 is evident... later!

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