Whats the best for your money amp? I was looking into gallen krueger or how ever you spell it. Is that any good? I was also looking into a behringer. I really want a faender bass but its too much and so are ampegs my price range is about 500$
thing is you get what you pay for, your not gonna get a good amp and bass for that price. maybe one or the other. fender makes a good bass for that price, as far as an amp goes the behringers suck completely. i have a gallien krueger 1001rb head that i got new for 750, if you check out ebay you may be able to find one for that price. also check your local stores, i was able to get an 80s model ampeg svtii pro head for only 550 wich is totally amazing. an amp everybody can love
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check out their smaller combo's.

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nah jk just check em out