hey all,
Someone told me that if you tune your guitar lower than it usually is, *(let say you tune it in drop C, and it's usually tuned in standard) and if you let it tuned that way for a long period, it will damage your truss rod and your neck or something like that.
Is it true??? Will it damage anything, 'cause I'd like to tune it lower and let it that way 'cause I'm tired of always tuning and retuning over and over just to make sure it wont damage anything.
I dunno. I've never heard of such a thing.
I'd be screwed, though, given that I keep it between Eb, and dropped Db.
Actually, both my guitars are always flat.

I've noticed, however, that my electric's neck has become a bit more susceptible to forward, and backward, bending. Which I don't think is good...
I think it may because one side of the guitar will have more tension than the other and can twist the neck or something. But i dont know for sure so dont quote me on that.
The reason your guitar would be damaged is because it doesn't get enough tension. Which isn't good for your guitars neck, especially if you have a whammy bar.
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Before you tune to a low tuning ( Drop C or lower) you should get your guitar set up for that kind of tension because if that tuning is in place for a long period of time it will damage the guitar.
Im worrying about it now, I have D'ddarios .11 to .49, I always keep my guitar in Standard D, will this harm it? My guitar is a set neck I think it is (When the neck is painted over like a Les Paul). It doesnt have a truss rod so you cant adjust it, will it ruin it? When I tune to standard tuning the strings are really tight and it is really hard to play but when I tune to standard D it is perfect.
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well if u think about it, the best thing to do, is to tune ur axe to whatever u want and when ur done, tune it back to standard when ur done. to be safe
um...so say that you tune your guitar down a minor thrid (C# standard, sometimes dropping the low sring to B). would this damage the guitar? how would i go about having it set up for that tuning, to stop possible damage?
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