I wrote this while at LAX airport this past weekend on my way to Seattle. It was in response to an observation I've made before, and made again: large amounts of people around me concerning their valuable time reading "US Weekly," "Entertainment" "People" magazines, and other gossip publications. It really upset, and flat out disgusted, me to see how many humans spend the free mintues of their lives...

need a title

What a sad thing takin for granted
Idle minds cant stand it
So you try to pass the time
(as if its unlimited)
Made of plastic
With an asterisk
*concern your time with what?s consumable
So easy to digest
quick, yet delicious
Pop culture chocolate cake
Fills you up, but not nutritious
hey thats a very original idea. i like it. seems kinda unfinished tho. but overall pretty impressive.
LOL. Very original. I love the ending rhymes with delicous and nutritous!

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