first off, I wasn't sure where to put this, but this seemed as good a place as any.

I've been practicing with some friends, just jamming.
But the neighbors have been coming over saying the drums are too loud.
In an effort to keep the guitar's volume down, I only use a 5 watt tube amp.

What's a good way to decrease loudness of the drums, for both the neighbor's sake, and so I can hear the guitar over it a little better?
put curtains up or hang thick blankets from ceiling to try and stop some of the sound.
you could buy drum mufflers or just slap some tees on the heads
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Duct the the edges of the drum heads to the the drum rims. If you don't want to leave residue there's stuff called goo-b-gone that'll remove the gunk when you take the duct tape off. For the cymbals you could drill a hole in a wash rag, and slide it over the staff of the cymbol stand on the top of the cymbol. These may alter the drums tone, though.

There's also muffling clamps and stuff you can buy too.

If you have a walk in closet make some space in there, move your drumset into the closet, and close the door when you play.
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oh, okay. so these muffling clamps just decrease the volume?
i thought they were mostly to change the sound of your drum.
You could also learn to control your dynamics...
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Just turn up the guitars.

Or, get a talkbox, and if they come over to tell you to shut up, say "fuck you" or something of the sort through the talkbox.

If you play in a garage, you can put the door down, though this can cause crazy feedback and echo.

You could get electronic drums, though I would imagine that they're expensive.
you might want to just try talking to the neighbors and finding out when a good time you could practice would be rather than trying to make the drums quieter. drums are an acoustic instrument. trying to muffle them or play them quieter is like saying you should shove a towel under the strings of your martin so they dont ring. its not really the same and could reinforce bad habits with your drummer. if your not breaking drum sticks you arent playing them hard enough.