Is it possible to safely send a bass guitar directly through a PA? I want to kill 2 birds with one stone. (FOR DUMB PEOPLE: i want to save money by just getting a PA and using it for a bass amp and voice)
it shouldn't overpower the vocals, hasn't when i've done it, not sure about the power amp stuff.

EDIT: i reckon you can just put it straight into the mixer, theres also something called a "D.I box" as some techy guy called it , it went inbetween the mixer and bass, Aint 100% on what it does though.
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yeah you can run a bass through a mixer. It might not sound as good as with an amp though. Ive tried playing bass through my friends mixer before and it was the absolute worst sound ever. im not kidding, the worst sound ever.

but that was like a $500 Behringer powered mixer, so we're not exactly talking top quality here. Its entirely possible that with a better mixer the bass will sound fine, I couldn't tell ya. but with a lower end mixer id probably be careful.