ive got a little marshall mini amp, its one of those cheap plastic ones thats like 10 inches tall just to start out with, im pretty sure im doin a pinch harmonic right because when i play with the amp i can hear it, it just doesnt squeal loud like i want it to on my amp, is it the amp that is the problem possibly or am i just doing it shi*#! ?
probably both
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go to a music store and ask to try out a guitar. try one there and if it sounds like it does at home then its you. if it sounds like it should then its obviously your amp.
When doing a pinch harmonic it should be audible without any means of amplification. If not, then you need to practise. Also, the bridge pickup is better to pick up harmonics and the more the gain, the louder the squeal.
i can get pinch harmonics while playing clean, yea they dont sound good but the technique has gotta be right before you start worrying about your amp