Hey this is my latest song. its about finding out you only have twelve hours to live. and its really rough so it may not "flow" or "rhyme" the way you would like it. so feel free to leave coments on how to change it up.

he whispers these words into my ears
"you have half a day to live and nothing left to fear."

I feel these shadows upon me
and they're pulling me away.
i never thought all of this would be ending so soon.
i look for an answer but only find more questions.
i never had a chance in this arguement with death
all my thoughts have left me
and i'm standing here paralyzed
i feel these eyes watching me
waiting for my demise
before my final breath
i will create an everlasting voice
these fires light the way
inside my heart they'll never fade
my days are numbered
and i'm running on empty
now's the time to take a risk
i'll set the world on fire
before i receive this deadly kiss
i'm tired of waiting like november leaves
not knowing what this 12th hour holds
my disease is spreading
like the latest plague
so i've prepared to take this to my grave
this letter is signed
so just take me away!
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i think that would be a really good rap actually like some fort minor ****.... i liked it alot. and i actually thought i flowed pretty well.