Ok i put a post before about getting the JS1000 but at the mo its a bit to expensive for me and im not really a pro on the guitar yet so i thought i would go for something around the £300 to £500 stage.

Now the style i play is Shed, metal and sometimes a bit of classic rock to.

I have i found two guitars which is like which are:

Ibanez S520EX because it looks great for metal, and i have heard loads of good things about the sound.

Ibanez JS100 because im a joe satriani fan

Please can you give me some thoughts about what you would choose.

forget ibanez bro, go ESP....you WONT regret it.
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Not in England, man. They're way too expensive over there.

Anyway, the S520 should be good, but are you sure you want that more than the S470?

And, of course, the RG1570 is also in that range, and it's a great guitar.

Beyond that, I guess look at Jackson guitars, MG series and up.
Ibanez to the end! go with the s470 or rg1550! MM piezo
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