This is my latest composition, and - besides contrasting dynamics and modulation - you can probably tell I've done very little theory; I've never known where to start, which is why all of my solos are terrible.

The zip includes lyrics.
It felt kind of weird.. with the three-bar sections and the piano slides... and it could have used some rhythm to support the leads. IT didn't hold together well at some parts, either. Each riff started off good, and then suddenly ended before it had a chance to blossom. For instance, "Life's Avenger" had a really strong thing going, but it ended way too soon in my opinion. The sections just didn't say enough for me.. however, it does appear as a seed for an amazing song with some amazing chops. You just need to develop it a little more. That aside, the names and stuff remind me a lot of DarkSonata's 'War is Calling.' Anyways, keep on rockin', and good luck. ;D
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."
dude, was this a joke? i mean it's just repeating the same 3 chords over and over, sounded really boring man. Don't mean to be harsh but that's just my opinion...
if you know very little theory, you're not going to know modulation. this song doesn't seem to modulate. saddam said it pretty well. lots of repetition. there's definately something brewing in your mind with music, but you should spend all this extra time you have learning theory rather than composing. thanks for looking at my song. there are always more if you'd like to check them out.
Well I'm not gonna repeat what everyone else said so first off I liked the lyrics. The first riff I forget what it was claled but it was like the first time the guitar came in sound really really cool it was just a little awkward and I couldnt' tell where or why it felt awkward. You honestly have something good going you just need a little bit more work like a few more chords and maybe a second guitar and it'll sound really good.