Hey ya'll! I'm looking to trade in my Crate 120W amp and drop some cash for a new combo amp (preferably combo amp, at least). Anyways, it seems I'll be in the price range of a new Vox AC30 or Fender '65 Twin Reverb (roughly $1,000). I'm not going to ask you all which amp to pick, cause that will be up to myself when I go to test 'em out at Guitar Center. But, what I am asking for, fellow UGers, are some impressions of these amps, and others in the price range. Perhaps one amp has deeper, richer tone than some others. Maybe some people have had problems with these amps, or have heard things whether they be negative or positive, it doesn't matter. My ears (well, I guess eyes, haha) are open to any comments, opinions, and suggestions.

Thanks in advance to those nice enough to help me out and leave a post, and hopefully I won't come back to this thread tommorow with no posts, haha.