Hey guys. I've been playing guitar for about a year or two now ( I'm seriously unsure =P ). I started out with my dad's old stuff that he never plays anymore, a second-hand Squier and a smallish Washburn amp. I got an ESP M-100FM last Christmas, and now i'm looking for a new amp, cuz that Washburn is antique.

My friend says Roland is a decent brand for practice amps, so now I'm looking at either the Micro Cube, or the Cube 15. I don't really need great effects, since I have an effects pedal...switch..thing. and I'm just wanting to get a nice metal sound along the lines of Children of Bodom or Arch Enemy or something. Something I can easily bring to a friend's house to play around with, no more than $150. Are there any other brands I should consider? Or, if not, then Micro Cube or Cube 15?

oh and also, what do you guys think of Dunlop Jazz III picks? how thick do they come in?
Micro Cube is actually better than the Cube 15, believe it or no. It just sounds better to me.

As for the picks... that's personal preference, I think Jazz IIIs are a bit small.
yes i have tried the micro and 15 amps by roland

the micro cube is by far better....much better sound out of it

only thing is its not hands free and only one channel so youll have to get a few pedals and a switcher pedal ....or even make that...easy

i plug mine into my KX1200 amp that i got at music123.com...

i used to feed my MP3 player into it untill i got a yamaha MG 10/2 mixer...now i feed everything into that, to the amp, and out to the desktop for recording.
i love jazzIIIs and i have a cube 30 that i realy like, yes i play bodom