these are the lyrics i have right now please give me some feed back so i can make them better. thanks alot for you help!

I'm afraid that if i close my eyes,
that the sun will then forget to rise,
I won't go peaceful into that goodnight
i'll rage against the dying of the light,

When the grey skies have blocked out the light
and the world seems so obssesed with lies,
just remember the beauty of life,
as your troubles fade into the night

leave on, just one, of the lights
let rea - son sub - cum to sight

Pinpoints, in the, sheets will shine
like the, stars that, shine so bright
tell me you'll keep up the fight
and we'll stay up through the night

Steady breathing as we intertwine
place your heart so very close to mine

Tell me why you feel life passed you by
and we'll try to make up for lost time
say why you smile when it hurts inside
and then we'll kiss untill the pain subsides


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