Hey, question for all you acoustic experts.

My band is playing an acoustic gig tomorrow night. Unfortunately my acoustic guitar isn't acoustic/electric. So I'm stuck with using a microphone for amplification.

I have a Shure SM57. How would I place this mic to get the best quality sound?

just place it right up next to the hole as close as you can but leave enough room for strumming.
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there's no really specific settings that any of us can give you... you just gotta get it set up and tinker with it
They sell removable pickups that you can place in the sound hole, You should be able to get one not too expensive at your local music shop.
i thought it was at the top right of the sound hole...(top left if you're holding your guitar as if to play it). I dunno thats what my friend and i do for recording
Okay, just as a follow-up, here's what I did.

I placed the mic pointing at the sound hole, but slightly off-axis. So it was on about a 30 degree angle towards the sound hole and moved slightly towards the fretboard. That gave me room to strum while still keeping the mic about 2 inches from the strings.

I didn't have to do much EQing. I just took out a little bass and it sounded really nice.

Feedback was a bit of a problem. If I brought the mic too close to the sound hole I'd get some feedback, but that was only during the soundcheck since I learned to control it.

All-in-all, it sounded very nice and was a good show. Thanks for the help guys.
if its small enough, it sounds oddly nice INSIDE the sound hole. But outside, put it just aboce the sound hole, tilting downwards.