How do you play the bass for johnny cash songs, i can't find any tabs or work it out, plz help!
That should do it
I am a huge johnny cash fan myself its good to speak to other fans of him. Enjoy and Good Luck!


Edit: If u have trouble playing them I strongly suggest u play along with the song u are learning just so u can get the flow of the song. Sometimes u wont sound in tune with the song because it might be an old recording of it and sometimes they sped it up cause they didnt have the technology with tracks and timing.
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Most of his basslines were simply root-fifth and root-fourth patterns. Keep that in mind and try to work out something that sounds good with hsi music.
do tou mean the parts where he does a 'buh-gump' sound? that may be something like a pop-hammeron thing.
umm i dont think so what he is saying i think is: if its a A minor then you would play like :
C - F(fourth) or C - G(fifth)
^yeah pretty much, but it seemed like the pattern would start on the fourth then play the root to get that countryish- Bum- Dum - Bum - Dum kinda thing going. It seems like most of the basslines in his songs are like that.
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1 ee and uh, is how you should count sixteenth notes (or something like that)

he means:

play on the UH's and the 1's.

didnt he use a double bass?