Wow all i can say is wow, ive heard of dragonforce and i thought they sound cheesy then i watched one of ther music vids, through fire and flames, and i gotta say that asian guy is one ****ing incredible player so was the other guy, the drummer must be on steroids to keep a beat that fast for that long, and the singer even though his lyrics were cheesy he could sing em. basicaly can anyone suggest me some more songs by these guys.
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btw, you're annoying me.


valley of the damned, black fire, fury of the storm, soldiers of the wasteland, body breakdown, cry for eternity.

theres my two favorites from each album.
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hes not asian

hes british


Youre tellin me that guys not asian
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btw, you're annoying me.


Operation Ground And Pound is teh best song ever.

The guitarist is Korean. Just because they are from Uk doesn't they're all British.
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