Im wanting to buy a 12 string electic yet as there aint much choice, im seeing if anyone has any recomendations OTHER than a rickenbacker as thats way out of my price range.
the main contender ive seen is the schecter TSH-12 (see attached)
the only others ive seen are the daisy rock one, which is not as nice, or a twin neck which i dont really want.

any suggestions?
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There's always the Fender Stratocaster XII, I wouldn't imagine it's cheap though.
daisy rock's for chicks.
but to answer your question there isnt such thing as something that stands up against the rickenbacker 12 string and is cheap.
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im not worried about cheap, i have about £500 max to spend, and the schecter is £400 so it fits, plus is quite good, and i really dont care about the daisy rock being for girls, they make good guitars, except their 12 string looks cheap.
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I think Danelectro makes 12 strings, or they used to. I'm not sure if they still do, but they wouldn't cost much (at least compared to a Ric).
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i have an OLP MM12, i mean i know a rickenbacker would be better, but it wasnt much and i love the thing. look into it


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That Scheter looks really nice, I'd stick with that choice.
go with the TSH
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Actually, it might just be in his price range, allthough I'm not sure what this would be in GBP.


its definately in his price range. 1GBP is like $2
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