hey, im thinking about getting one of these Epiphone Valve Standards

its a class A tube amp, but kinda small and lacking on the wattage. so... do you think this is worth the $300? when i could put another $100 and get this:


would the epi sound better (shouldnt it?)?
hmmmm i play a lot of classic rock, some blues occasionally, and a little metal stuff. oh and if i were to get the epi, should i get an overdrive pedal?

Peavey For Sure!
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id go peavey better quality amp for sure plus the epi amps look like they came straight outta the 50s unless u like 50s i dont so id go peavey plus i was considering that one any way
^Why get the 50 watt Peavey when he can get a 140 watt Orange and a wall of 4x12s? It will sound loads better.

I can't speak for that Epi, but the Peavey fits the bill for what you play.
^when did you get back?
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