Jackson Rhoads RX10D 2005 alder, bolt on compound radius, JT580 floyd $300 +$30 shipping used. made in japan

Charvel Model4 used 1986, Alder, bolt on maple, Jackson actives, Kahler Flyer trem, $350 shipped. made in japan

Agile AL2000 New, Tiger eye finish, mahogany body, set maple neck $199 + $20 shipping. made in korea.

I would love to have a rhoads V but Id also love to have a LP shape again. I like the way set neck mahogany body guitar sounds. I have a mahog/set neck Hamer but its a double cut style. I have a mahogany Ibanez S Prestige similar style to the Charvel4 --strat shape locking trem. So which one if you were me?
charvel all the way...i dont like low end RR's
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Charvel, just because I don't know anybody who has one, slap some EMG's in ther...heaven!
Charvel since it is such a steal and that the Kahler trem kicks the **** out of the trem of the RR and probably plays better then both of the other guitars.
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Wholy **** the Charvel. I'd shoot someone for that. Love that fading white w/Kahler....
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That Charvel is HOT.
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