can someone answer some of my guitar questions? these kind of circle around blues guitar. thanks.

1. i have a fender american telecaster, will that work to play blues?

2. what is the difference between a hollow body guitar and a semi-hollow body guitar (tone wise)?

3. what genres can hollow body guitars be used in?

4. what genres can semi-hollow body guitars be used in?

5. what are some good brands of hollow and semi-hollow body guitars?

6. what kind of strings do hollow and semi-hollow body guitars use?

7. what guitar is better for blues between hollow and semi-hollow body guitars?

thanks a lot guys and if you can just answer one then that will be fine.
1) yes
2) not sure probably better tone out of the hollow body
3) anything except stuff with high gain (they tend to feed back)
4) same as #3
5) gretsch but more reasonalby priced, ibanez has some good ones for cheaper
6) electric
7) depends on your preference of sound, imo
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1. Yes
2. Full Hollow Body- basicly acoustic guitar with electric picups
Semihollow body- like a thin bodied acoustic. and usually has a block runing down the middle of the hollowed out part.
3. Jazz, Blues, rock, stuff with guitars in it.
4. see number 3
5. Gibson, Some epiphone, Fender (has 1 hollow tele) , Ibanez, others but i dont know them
6. Some jazz players like flat wound strings. Other jsut like normal strings.
7. probably semi hollowbody. i think it depnds on the player though.
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The Telecaster is a good if non-stereotyped blues choice.
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Tele makes some great blues sounds... I dont know why im the only person locally who agrees.. everyone is like "If you want clean sounds, or for soft soloing (remember noone here likes blues) play a strat, teles are for country"

I love telecasters.
Telecasters are pretty versatile.
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Eric Clapton used an ES-335, but i would pay $2000 for that

He also used an SG and now uses a Strat.

The ES335 is a classic blues box.
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