The guitar was pretty basic, nothing wrong with it, the vocals could use a little work though. It'd be a good song to play for a girl though

If you could crit mine too, thatd be cool. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=377741
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its not bad, it doesnt seem to flow well, the section transitions are very mechanical and kills the pace... it sounds like your struggling to play and sing in some places, maybe layering it, singing seperatly might help and perhaps an extra guitar part might make it more interesting? and let go with your vocals abit more, you sound like your very restained and it becomes almost incoherent in places and wavers in between singing and spoken, try holding some notes and changing the pitch in places... anyway, i hope this is somehow helpful, good luck mate...

The sad thing about that is:

1. I wasn't playing guitar and singing at the same time, that actually is layered

2. That was as "unrestrained" as I get; if I unrestrain myself any more, I start to sound really bad.

Thanks for the feedback though
^thats not such a bad thing, because you already know how to layer the addition of afew extra guitar parts should be relitivly easy, just focus on the transactions between verse/chorus ect... and dont worry about the vocals, i myself cant sing for supper but with enough practise apparantly there is hope for us...
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Dude, that was really good! That chord progression is really unique, like i've never heard it before! The vocals were pretty good, although, they need just a little work. It's an awesome song though, I love the lyrics, they're full of metaphors, like the line, "We're young but we're also old", I can barely decipher the meaning myself. Dude you're gonna go far, you need to tour the U.S., thats a perfect stadium hit right there. Can you come to Tulsa, Oklahoma? We'd love to play with you