I am learning guitar on electric guitar, so if I get an electric for right now it doesn't have to be good at all.. just semi-decent. If anything I'd like one that has that spanish/mexican kinda music sound to it.
Check out some Jay Tursers.
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Pawn shop. Might not be new but you can get some great acoustics in great condition for 120$
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Are there any decent acoustic guitars under $150?


Heh, actually there probably are... I just haven't come across any. I got my first acoustic when I was just learning, too. It cost me $100. It was a SERIOUS hindrance. Seriously. I had to teach myself how to read music, and I couldn't even tell if I was fingering chords correctly because everything I did sounded horrible. I sold it for $50 and used the money to buy theory books. This was my second guitar and it was a huge improvement. This is what I used to really sit down and start learning on. It's also only $10 more than what you're looking to spend.
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you can get an alvarez for 170 or 180 also you can get a nice yamaha for 200 id go with alvarez for 180$ its a little more but hey do you want crap that you wont use in a month or a decent guitar that you can learn on?
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Well if you were me you would be able to pick up a $300 guitar for around that range. The benefits of knowing a music store owner..... Well, you could pick up a Yamaha Gigmaker for around that range I think. Check one out and see what you think. Thats the best I can do for $150.
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i agreed with that... but i guess it's all relative to what you consider "decent." by my definition of decent... the answer is no.
no; unless maybe you got a second hand one. If your getting a new guitar $200 is about the minimum that youre actually going to get a decent guitar for. Id hold out for that extra 50 or 100 for now to get a guitar youll actually get some good use out of. Just chuck your amp on clean for those acoustic songs in the interum.
A cheap acoustic is MUCH worse than a cheap electric. Best thing to do is browse your local music store, newspapers, and want ad listings for something used. And stay away from Fender acoustics. They've never figured out how to make their acoustics anywhere near as good as their electrics.
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sorry guys.. 150 is the upper limit for now (Was hopin more for 100).. if they all suck too bad (not to learn on, just to play on? i'm learnin on a Fender Strat) I'll just wait it out
For 100 you better go to a pawn shop or ebay best i can tell you.
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