Did another cover of this great song. This time i didn't use a midi for backing track, instead i used a mp3 backtrack from guitarbt.com. The main difference is the acoustic guitar, which i didn't recorded cause the backing track had it already. All the distorted guitar was recorded by me.

Here: http://amlc.dmusic.com/
Listening now. Tone sounded a little "muffled" throughout the song. Playing was great though. Chorus wasn't too bad. Clean it up a tad bit as far as making it flow. Try not to end your notes, rather, let them ring out. Second "solo" was good too. At the break after the second chorus, it sounded like there was a few problems as far as timing goes. For the backing riff to the last solo, right before it starts, James and Kirk play different, but similar riffs. Check out the tab. Solo wasn't bad. Little rough on some parts, but nothing practice can't fix. The last run needed some work.

Regardless, I thought it was pretty good. Good work.

So I'm guessing you're entering this into the contest?
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hella good cover, however i notice that in your first solo's timing is a tad off in places and the flow just isn't there. but you play it loads better than me.
not bad i like the tone but the timing was off in some places and i didn't like how during some of the distorted parts you didn't let the notes ring out.
I didn't like the tone of the distortion at all, and the distorted part starting around 2 minutes sounds better if you let the chords ring out IMHO. not bad though. Playing is good though.
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