Uhh wow, I justed picked this up today, and it is the best cd I've heard thus far in 2006.

It is better than anything I've heard in awhile.

It's brilliant, it's over an hour long and it's all one song, as in, each track leads into the next with hardly no interruption of music and it's just this beautifully epic 16 song album.

It's beautiful and I can't believe their older stuff isn't as widely praised.

I can't stress enough that you need to pick this album up.
I'm a fan of Mew ( a mild one at that), so I'll be sure to be on the look out for this. How does this album compare to Frengers from a musical point of view?
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yeah it's their best stuff, really awesome. I've been getting into frengers a lot too but this one is really their best stuff
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Frengers is miles better in my opinion.

I love it.

The Glass handed kite is **** hot though.
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i don't think so, but i don't have a triumph for man
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#1 synth, the only big change is that they are, by far, better muscians now

imo in frengers the only songs that really stood out was Snow Brigade and 156 but in ATGHK I find that the overall quality is improved even though some songs, like apocalypso and chinaberry tree, still stands out from the rest.
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I just started getting into Mew, actually. I really like them and I'm looking for their album (as in the CD, not downloaded off the internet or pirated) but they don't seem to have it here in Malaysia.
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Mew is really good. I love falzetto

You know that the first pressing of "a triumph for man" goes for like 800$ at ebay!
Yeah, this is probably my favorite Mew album. If you liked Frengers, you should at least give a few "Glass Handed Kites" a listen. Zookeeper's Boy is easy to find online for a listen, though I'd recommend finding Chinaberry Tree or Special (just my personal opinion...)
I work at a record store and every employee plays that album at least once a day and I still haven't gotten sick of it. Great album, it's definately gonna be on my Top 5 Albums of 2006.
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i LOVE Frengers. its one of my favorite albums but ....and glass handed kites is very good too.

mew is awesome so simple yet amazing.

Hi frengers

I'm sorry if I spell something wrong, as English is not my native language.

The main difference between old Mew (A Triumph for Man) and the current Mew is not their musical skills and technique. In my opinion, the merit of ATGHK is how far they have taken music, their talents, their skills.

ATGHK is a great album by itself and demonstrates that Mew is a great band too. A band that doesn't rest, doesn't give up and takes their music to new levels, new horizons. Something quite absent in Rock nowadays.