Anyone else dig Charlie Hunter? Hes got a trio and a quintet, and he makes his own guitars, eight strings. Hes amazing, with a jazzy, funk, and jam sound to him. Hes also the guitarist in Garage a Trois with Skerik, sax from Crack Sabbath and Critters Buggin, and Stanton Moore, drummer from Galactic and actually Corrosion of Comfority also. So whatever, anyways you should check him out, all his stuff's cool he even did an album with Norah Jones called Songs from the Analog Playground. If you know him, share.
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This is what you get.
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I really like him too.. really awesome stuff
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He's a great guitarist. But i have his self-titled album and i think it's really boring.

My favorite Charlie Hunter performance is without a doubt the song Spanish Joint by D'Angelo. It's a sort of latin jazz soul funk song, really good. Also features Roy Hargrove on the horns, who also did am outstanding job.

He builds his own guitars? I'm pretty sure they're made by a company called Novax.
^Yep, I think he plays Novax guitars.

I like him and his special way of playing, we need more innovation like that.
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Only song I've heard from him is this live performance with him and Stanton Moore. It was called "Chope's Bad Ass Groove" or something. Very cool song, although the guitar in the song was almost non-existent.